How To Cleaning Before A Vacation

Going on a vacation is almost exciting. It just can’t make you wait. And because of extreme excitement, some important matters were forgotten, like cleaning and preparing your house for a long, empty dwelling.
Getting back to a house that smells fresh, free from clutters and dirty dishes is a wonderful feeling. It will also help you lessen your worries while on a holiday or trip. Who would want to think about a messy house to return to while having a nice, comfy and lovely vacation? Of course, nobody wants that. So, it’s better to give your house a thorough cleaning and plan for your relaxing and stress-free return.
Below is the list of things you need to do before heading out for the trip:

Fridge Cleaning
Fridge Cleaning

Step 1: Clean out the fridge
• Finish up or throw away food that will expire while you’re gone.
• Quickly wipe away any spills that are still fresh.
• Toss or cook up fruits and veggies to avoid fruit flies when you return.
• Leave a nice meal waiting in the freezer for you to eat when you return.
Step 2: Take out the garbage and recycling

Trash Cleaning
Trash Cleaning

• Empty the trash and waste bins around your house so that you return to the sweet smell of home, not garbage.
• Run your waste disposal.
Step 3: Load and run your dishwasher
• Collect dishes that have wandered to side and coffee tables around your house.
• Take them to the dishwasher and load them up.
• Don’t let food sit in the sink.
• Dry up and place clean plates and bowls to the rack so that when you return you’ll have something to use.
Step 4: Wipe down countertops
• Wipe down counters in the bathroom and kitchen with an all-purpose cleaner.
• Give toilets a quick clean.
Step 5: Spray for bugs and cockroaches
• Make sure there is no food scattered on the floor.
• Spray an insecticide in critical areas so bugs and cockroaches will steer clear while you’re gone.
Step 6: Wash the laundry
• Put away all your clean clothes and place anything dirty in your laundry bin.
• Wash the dirty clothes to avoid having heaps of laundry when you return.
Step 7: Give quick order to clutter
• Stack up the clutter by making small piles to make things look a little nicer.
Step 8: Put on fresh sheets
• Make the bed and change the bed linens with cool and clean sheets and pillowcases.
• Put fresh and clean towels in the bathroom.
Step 9: Tidy the house
• Sweep or vacuum floors.
• Spray an air freshener so that when you return your house will smell fragrant and free from unpleasant odors.
Step 10: Secure your house
• Close and lock windows.
• Unplug any appliance and an electronic device.
• Put lights on timers.
• Adjust your thermostat.
• Turn off your water system.

Following all these easy and quick steps before going on a trip will surely give you a stress-free and comfortable vacation. Have a safe journey!